Sunday, February 1, 2009

ASAD - 92

Originally posted on in 1997

'Sauda' lived from 1714 to 1781. His father came from Kabul. Sauda was born in Delhi, but then moved to Farukhabad before settling down in Lakhnow. This is the period, which is considered as the Golden Period of the Urdu Poetry. Although, Meer was most certainly the best from this Era, Sauda is considered as one of the greats. Many times, next to Meer.

Even he admitted this by saying ...

'Sauda', tu is zameeN me GHazal-dar-GHazal hi likh
hona hai tukh_ko, "Meer"_se ustad_ki tarah !

BTW, is anybody keeping the count of shers presented in ASAD and which are about praising Meer ? :-) There are many, and many more to come !

Being second to Meer, also means a lot ! The fact that a Shayar is compared to Meer means that he is quite good in the first place. As a proof, consider this lovely sher by Sauda ...

khuu se dar_guzar = aadat se baaz aa [khuu = aadat, dar_guzar = ignore]

zaalim, maiN keh rahaa tha, ki tu is khuu se dar_guzar
'Sauda'_ka qatl hai, ye chhupaaya na jaayegaa !!

Didn't I tell you, this habit of hurting me is going to land you in trouble ? Now I am dead, and everyone is going to find out !

Such a gem ! The worry is not about the hurt she is causing him, but rather about, the world finding it out about her ! Also there is no direct reference to she causing him any pain, it's just implied. A superb example of the "aashiq" from the classical Shayari. Marvellous !

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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