Sunday, February 1, 2009

ASAD - 95

Originally posted on in 1997

It's generally accepted that humour is best when it's actually serious. If that's so, then the king of Urdu's 'mazahiya shayari' can only be Akbar Illahabaadi. He wrote poetry which was humourous and at the same time had depth. You not only laugh/smile, but you are touched too.

I consider the following lines as top class poetry. It makes you smile, but it's a slap too. Delivered straight on the face of society.

GHairat-e-qaumi = national pride/shame :-) [GHairat is an interesting
word, means both pride and shame !]

be-pardaah, kal jo nazar aayeeN, chand bibiyaN
'Akbar' zameeN me, GHairat-e-qaumi se, gad gaya

poochha jo un_se, "aap ka parda, wo kya hua ?"
kehne lagiN ke, "aql pe, mardoN ki pad gaya !"
- Akbar Illahabaadi

This poetry is for reading again and again. Notice how he presents it. Just by seeing a few women not following 'pardaa' he feels a sense of National Shame :-) And the last line is simply ultimate. The entire thing has such a nice and smooth flow to it. Amazing poetry.

And the anti-climax is, after presenting such poetry, Pankaj Udhas, used to follow it with a below-mediocre GHazal, "nikalo na be-naqaab". From one such concert I attended, I started disliking Pankaj Udhas.

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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