Monday, November 16, 2009

The Devil and SP500

During the March 2009 stock market crash, the SP500 index briefly flirted with 666 level and bounced back from there sharply to start a 8-month non-stop rally as of now. This being the Devil's number and all that, generated quite some attention at that time.

Today, the index has now jumped 2/3rd - or 66.6%. It will be a very interesting coincidence if this turns out to be a near term top.

Roughly :
666 + (66.6% of 666)
= 666 + 444
= 1110

The actual closing value is 1109, and intra-day it went above 1110.

I have a very pessimistic view of US economy, even more than what I had an year ago.

This is NOT an investment advice.

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