Thursday, March 22, 2018

Song Number 7 : Geet gangechya tataawar

Presenting our latest song based on a fantastic poem by the great poet Suresh Bhat. He is lamenting being neglected and is pleading to be showered with affection - but by whom? In my interpretation, he is referring to poetic inspiration, and interestingly doing so in a wonderfully worded poem.

I am so glad to have Dhananjay Mhaskar as the singer for this song. His voice and singing is perfect for these words and the mood we wanted to capture via music.

Once again, cannot thank Aniket enough for another novel and impactful musical arrangement. On flute is Mohit Shastry and on the pakhawaj is Hanumant Rawade.

For the visuals, Arati Phadke graciously provided her amazing paintings to match the poem.

The poem itself suggests Malkans, and hence we have used this raag to base our song on. Hope you enjoy this new song. Please support it by sharing it with your friends. Thank you!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Chess and Trash Talking :-)

Trash Talking is common in all sports, except Chess. Yes, it's a sport :-). Trash talking is simply not possible in Chess, as players are not allowed to talk. They have to figure out subtler ways to intimidate their opponent.

Of course, trash talking can happen once the games are over. Seems like Twitter is where this kind of action is. In the following tweets, read the responses to the tweets too.

Even if you do not know much about Chess, you may have heard that the Norwegian prodigy, Magnus Carlsen is the number 1 player and also the current world Champion. He will defend his title against a challenger, whoever will be the winner of the Candidates tournament. Kramnik  a previous Workd Champion, is one of the candidates. He is being helped by Anish Giri, another Chess prodigy. Anish is known to make tweets like these.

Naturally, this was going to get a reaction. As the news came that Anish will help Kramnik, the back and forth started.

But seems like Magnus is not giving up commenting on Kramnik. There was a routine tweet ...

Magnus for some reason responded

And the trash talk began immediately.

That's the state for now, but I don't think this is the end. I am enjoying it :-)

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