Sunday, February 21, 2010

GaDiMa - 1

One of the hallmarks of great poets is to take any situation and write a great poem about it. There are many famous songs in "गीत रामायण" and rightfully so. But even those that are not equally famous are a proof of GaDiMa's poetic prowess.

Before the war starts, Sugreev sees Ravan and unable to control his impulses, suddenly starts a duel with him. Seeing he is not a match for Ravan, he escapes with his life. Shri Ram delicately explains Sugreev how unthoughtful these actions were.

Now, this is not as solemn a situation to write "पराधीन आहे जगती", but GaDiMa still comes up with perfect words to describe the advice given by Sri Ram - the delicate balance between pointing out the stupidity without hurting feelings. The art of giving feedback !

Here is one stanza from it.
काय सांगू तुज, शत्रूदमना
नृप नोळखती रणीं भावना
नंतर विक्रम, प्रथम योजना
अविचारें जय कुणा लाभले ?

I especially like the word 'नोळखती'. I haven't seen/heard it anywhere else.

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