Friday, October 29, 2010

They Really Said It ! [9]

Love him, or hate him, you have to hand it to Peter Schiff on how correct he was and how well he handled all the slander and ridicule he received.

This is a compilation from 2006-2007. Some choicest statement from Peter Schiff's opponent Art Laffer
- US Economy has never been in better shape
- The monetary policy is "spectacular"

The next one have an "expert" proclaiming a return to "only" 10% annual appreciation as that's how the "normal" market works ! Another one shouts "what artificial lending standards you are talking about" and starts laughing at Peter Schiff.

Then we have the famous Ben Stein claiming that the "credit crunch is way overblown" and "subprime problem is a TINY problem". He further advises us as "buying opportunity of the lifetime" when Dow was over 13K. It dropped nearly 50% from there and even today is 15% below his lifetime buying opportunity. Peter Schiff retorts - "The party is over for US". Then everybody proclaims, "Worst is over" and only Pter Schiff says, "the worst is yet to come". Oh, and it gets even hilarious - everyone loves financial stocks - and only Peter Schiff says, "they are toxic".

The following video is just too brutally hilarious. What else can you expect when a Realtor goes against Peter Schiff ?

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