Sunday, May 15, 2011

My roses are taller than yours :-)

Finally the spring arrived in Pleasanton. Unfortunately it was too late to get any bloom on the fruit trees :-(, which means no fruit this year. At least the roses are happy. These roses blossom profusely and a few of them are really tall. I need a stepping stool to trim them !

This one is trying to go over the first floor.

These are already over a very tall fence.

This one has some catching up to do.

The roses in the front plant come in different shades of orange and pink on the same branch.

This one is a vine, which I plan to run along the fence.

The most mysterious is this one - it's hard to capture it in photos. Every rose starts as a bright yellow flower and as it blooms, changes color almost every day - goes from yellow, to orange to pink to red !!

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