Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why do I think Messi is the greatest soccer player ?

FC Barcelona won the UEFA Champion's League 2011 Final (3-1) against Manchester United in style. Messi scored one, and helped in David Villa's magical goal. It was yet another amazing performance and complete dominance by Barca under Josep Guardiola.
I just want to bookmark a few videos celebrating the best Soccer player ever - Lionel Messi. At 23, he is already at the top of the world. Has won the FIFA best Player of the Year in 2009, 2010 and will likely win it again, having scored the most goals in La Liga and Champion's League.

There is a reason why. He is not just a prolific goal scorer, but he is also a dribbler and a passer. He is not the forward waiting for the midfielders to create an oportunity for him. He creates the opportunities for himself and others. And his control of the ball is already legendary.

For his dribbling skill, check out this video. At around 0:48 check out the sea of yellow jerseys needed to prevent him from scoring.

For his amazing passes, check out

And even you have watched this before, please watch again one of the greatest goals in the history. Starting behind the half-line, he beat 6 defenders and the goal keeper to score this goal !

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