Friday, March 16, 2012

It's a little too late

This is the first country song I remember hearing on the radio and I can trace my liking of Country music to this song, almost 10 years back. I was trying different radio channels while driving. The interesting words caught my attention, as well as the catchy tune, that I later learned is so quintessentially Country. This is the also first Country song I bought on iTunes !

Love, religion, family, pain and humor are recurring elements in Country lyrics, often within the structure of a story. This is a good example of wrapping a sad situation in humor. The video is kind of funny too.

This song topped the Country charts in 1997. But by then Mark Chesnutt was perhaps past his creative prime. Many of his previous songs were quite good. Especially songs like "Almost Goodbye", "I just wanted you to know" are really superb at showcasing his Country talents with smooth simple music.
Last night I came home at a quarter til three
And to my surprise she wasn’t mad at me
I thought she finally realized not to worry, I’d be home
And then I realized this morning she was gone

Oh I shoulda done this and I shoulda done that
I shoulda been there then she’d-a never left
I shoulda been hangin’ on every word she ever had to say

But it’s a little too late, she’s a little too gone
She’s a little too right, I’m a little too wrong
Now would be a good time to change
But it’s a little too late
Although You Tube labels this as "Official Video" the sound and picture are not in sync. Still enjoyable.

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