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One of the aspects of GaDiMa's music that has always amazed me is the sheer range of emotions expressed in his songs. Being a lyricist for movies offered him many opportunities to write about all sorts of situations. He utilized these situations to write simple, touching and amazing lyrics.

The noted Marathi poet Suresh Bhat has penned many songs that are famous for the sensuous feelings expressed in them. This song written by GaDiMa from movie "मुम्बईचा जावई" is in the same category. Now it's not my unfair intention to pigeon-hole Suresh Bhat lke that. He has written amazing GHazals in Marathi. But, it's also true that many of his sensuous songs are very well-known. I am just comparing this GaDiMa song to those.

कारे दुरावा, कारे अबोला,
अपराध माझा, असा काय झाला ?

I have a complaint against this song. This is a blatantly unrealistic मुखडा (refrain). Which wife in this world even entertains a suggestion that she is the one to be blamed ? And asks her husband why he is not talking to her ? The husbands are not asked the reason for their silence, they are supposed to stay silent. :-)

Asha sounds just wonderful here. In a song that is less about स्वर (notes) and more about भाव (emotions), she adds a nice touch of  लाडिकता when she sings

नीज येत नाही मला एकटीला,
तरी ना विचारी धरी हनुवटीला,
मान वळविसी तू वेगळ्या दिशेला ...

The tune by the great Sudhir Phadake is sublime. Just as the lyrics become more direct in the last stanza, he shifts the gears a bit.

रात जागवावी असे आज वाटे,
तृप्त झोप यावी, पहाटे पहाटे,
नको जागणे हे, नको स्वप्नमाला ...

Quite explicit for that age, but not cheap.

The movie was remade in Hindi as "Piya Ka Ghar", starring Jaya Bhaduri, Anil Dhawan with the famous Kishore song, "Ye Jeevan Hai". Still no comparison to the soundtrack of the Marathi movie. I will cover the other songs from the movie in later posts.

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