Sunday, November 25, 2012

Alaska Animals and Birds

One of the main reasons to go to Alaska was to see the wildlife - especially the Grizzly Bears. Watching a grizzly bear fishing in the Kenai river was like a dream come true.

As I found out, taking pictures of wildlife is not so easy. They have more important things to do - like finding food for themselves and their family - and are not really willing to pose for the camera. In spite of the not-so-great quality of the photos, they still are warm reminders of an unforgettable experience.

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This big guy was just over 50 feet away. He had found a nice secluded spot for fishing. He quickly found a fish and disappeared into the woods to eat.

It's very common to see the moose along many spots near the highway. This baby moose was slow to follow its mother into the thick tall bushes, so I could capture a few snaps.

Denali visitors are greeted with this sign. Notice the nails on the border. When the bears started chewing on the sign, these were put to prevent them from devouring the whole board !

We saw more than a dozen bears in one day.

A sow with 2 cubs.

The biggest surprise was seeing a wolf. In the millions of square miles, there are just over 70 wolves. So their sightings are rare.

There are many types of marine mammals too. The cutest are the Sea Otters. They prefer relaxing in ice cold water.

Another main attraction of Alaska is the Bald Eagle. It's a pleasure to see this huge and majestic bird smoothly glide across the sky.

Magpie is a very common bird seen nearly everywhere in Alaska.

One highlight was the colony of Kittiwakes, thousands of them nesting on sheer vertical cliffs.

Among the many migratory birds are the famous Sandhill Cranes.

These are all in the wild. If you love nature, Alaska is definitely a place to visit.

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