Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quantum Of Solace

Movie Review : Quantum Of Solace
Release : November 2008
My Rating : 5 out of 10

I am not a big James Bond fan, but I thoroughly enjoy the James Bond movies. Over the years, the formula has kept many constants while tweaking some variables over a much wider range. The previous offering in the series, "Casino Royale" was decidedly a significant shift from all previous Bond movies. I am one of those who really appreciated the new take on Bond. While watching the promos for "Casino Royale" I was unsure as to how Daniel Craig would carry the Bond persona, but when I watched the movie I was extremely impressed. A new actor and a new presentation style won me over.

Not so fast. The "Quantum Of Solace" was a big disappointment. It has nothing to do with raised expectations by its prequel. This is just not a good movie. The action scenes - especially the chase scenes that are part and parcel of all Bond movies - are simply terrible. Instead of imagination, director Marc Forster decides to shake the camera, then shake it again and then shake even more.If the intention is to make Bond into an action hero (and not a smart, witty, suave debonair) then action scenes need to be exiting, not confusing.

There are very few bright moments to write about. The story is continuation of sorts from the previous movie and it tries to highlight the transformation of Bond into a cold, killing machine. That's about it.

Bond movies are to be watched on the big screen, but I am glad I did not spend my money to watch this in a theater. I really cannot recommend this movie to anyone.

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