Thursday, November 19, 2009

Audit The Fed : Letter to Congressman

The secrecy of Federal Reserve must go away. This is what I wrote to my congressman today.

To : Hon. Congressman Jerry McNerney


There is a bill proposed by Senator Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve. This bill needs support. Please vote for it.

The Federal Reserve has helped the bail out of biggest Wall Street firms. These firms were responsible for inflicting the worst financial crisis of our generation onto us. Now they are giving huge bonuses to their employees while middle class Americans in all parts of the country are losing jobs and homes.

We need to understand what the Federal Reserve is doing. Please be on our side and not on the side of Wall Street. Please support the bill as proposed by Senator Ron Paul.

Specifically, the amendment by Ron Paul and Alan Grayson is what we need and the NOT the one proposed by Mel Watt.

You voted for giving billions of dollars of bailout money. Money that went to big banks and haven't helped average Americans. Now please vote for auditing the Fed, so we know what they are doing with their balance sheet.

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