Sunday, June 9, 2013

Diary Of A Rose - Part 1

The first bloom of 2013 is over. This year, I tried taking photos of the roses as they go through various stages of the bloom.

Exactly two years ago, (see post here) I moved this rose plant, and it took a while for it to recover from the shock, but it has come back strong.

First, a few photos of some flowers as they were blossoming. Some have been taken with my Samsung Galaxy 3. Others with a prime lens, and it's obvious which are these :-)

You can click on any photo to start a slideshow.

First the young buds.

As I captured previously (see post here), ladybugs are frequent visitors on a rose plant due to aphids.

Blossoming !

Getting bigger and bigger.

Even bigger.

A size comparison is needed to truly appreciate the size of these flowers. Every flower is size of a small cabbage. :-)

Now some photos of the plant in the full glory - in different stage of blossom.

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