Wednesday, February 12, 2014


One of the Hindi Movie directors I admire is Raj Khosala. When he was in his prime in 50s and 60s, he rarely played safe, and produced movies that although commercial, traveled different paths than main stream movies. His movies "Woh Kaun Thi", and "Mera Sayaa" have some minor similarities. Both were suspenseful, with Sadhana as lead actress (his favorite choice), and both had wonderful songs by Madan Mohan. Both the movies were also inspired by other movies.

While "Woh Kaun Thi" was loosely based on "Woman In White", the later "Mera Saaya" was almost a remake of a Marathi movie "Paathlaag" (meaning 'chase'). Both the movies, Marathi as well as Hindi had haunting title songs. The music for Marathi movie was composed by Datta Dawajekar, with lyrics by GaDiMa. Needless to say Asha sounds amazing, as usual, in this title song.

या डोळयांची, दोन पाखरे, फिरतील तुमच्या भवती
पाठलाग ही सदैव करतील, असा कुठे ही जगती

I distinctly remember, as a child, being spooked by the eerie tune of this song, so I don't think I ever paid any attention to the lyrics, till I grew up. The interesting thing here is, the comparison of eyes with haunting birds, is not just in the mukhada. GaDiMa developed it as the theme of the entire song, in both the antaras.

दर्शन तुमचे, हाच असे हो या पक्ष्यांचा चारा
सहवासवीण नकोच यांना अन्य कोठचा वारा
तुमचा परिसर यास नभांगण, घरकुल तुमची छाती!

The second antara is beautiful, and the second line is my favorite.

सावलीत ही बसतील वेडी, प्रीतीच्या दडूनी
एका अश्रुमाजी तुमच्या, जातील पण बुडूनी
नव्हेत डोळे, नव्हेत पक्षी, ही तर अक्षय नाती!

This ability of infusing beautiful poetry using simple words in routine songs, in words that were written on demand, as opposed to ones that flow suddenly from an inspiration, is all but lost now. That's what made GaDiMa, and Sahir so great.

Enjoy ...

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