Sunday, February 1, 2009

ASAD - 103

Originally posted on in 1997

To begin, let's complete the last sentence of yesterday's article.

According to many, when it comes to GHazal, the name after Ghalib and Meer is ..... Sikandar Ali !

As I said in the 1st article on him, he is one of the most often quoted poets of Urdu Shayari. Probably next to Ghalib himself.

This sher by Ghalib is very well-known ...

ishq_ne 'GHalib' nikamma kar diya
warna ham bhi aadami the kaam_ke

Also well-known is this sher by Sikandar Ali, but opposite in meaning -

ruswa = badnaam

ishq jab tak na kar chuke ruswa,
aadami kaam_ka nahiN hota !

That reminds me of another famous sher of his ...

zindagi, tu hame kahaaN laa'i ?
ek muhabbat, hazaar ruswaai !

And another from the same GHazal of the above sher ...

naagaah = achaanak
shanaasaa'i = parichay

do dil is tarhaa mile naagaah
jaise barsoN ki ho shanaasaa'i !!

Isn't the last one wonderful ? This is a little bit similar to the line "beqaraar dil is tarha mile, jis tarha kabhi hum juda na the" by Kaifi. I like the sher by Sikandar Ali more. It's so short and effective. Also the important word is "naagaah". Love happens. Just happens.

Oh yes ! :-) :-)
Sikandar Ali was his real name. But he is better known as ...

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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