Sunday, February 1, 2009

ASAD - 86

Originally posted on in 1997

One of the best things about GHazal, actually a Sher, is the possibility of different, yet correct interpretations. This is true for much of the poetry, but it's more prominent in GHazals due to the conciseness, brevity and indirectness found in many shers.

Let's take an example to illustrate this point.

saaqi = who serves wine in a 'maikhaana'.

sab_ki saaqi pe nazar ho, yeh zaroori hai, magar
sab pe saaqi ki nazar ho, yeh zaroori to nahiN!

Quite a beauty by itself, but wait till you read all possible meanings.

No 1. The literal meaning. Everybody has his attention on the saaqi. But she doesn't attend to everyone. Ok. Not bad.

Next. It's quite easy for most of us to see that, the poet is not just talking about some saaqi. More likely he is talking about a pretty girl in his college or colony, who is the center of attention of everyone surrounding her. Naturally she doesn't notice (or care about) all the men who are striving for her attention. Good !

Next. Some of us may feel that the poet is talking about God Almighty ! We all pray to Him, but not all of us get what we want ! Superb !!

No, that's not all ! Taking from an interesting anecdote from the book of Dr. Vaikar, the saaqi can be taken as a Prime Minister or some politician. The voters are all looking toward him but he doesn't care about all of them. He cares about only a section of the population !

Interesting ? I hope so ! Please feel free to add to this list :-)
And if you liked this, then just wait till tomorrow :-) :-)

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