Sunday, February 1, 2009

ASAD - 88

Originally posted on in 1997

I wanted to present this sher during the nice Chitrahaar by Vandana. Couldn't find any time. :-( But better late than never !

There are many shers on this Roothana-Manana theme. But rarely will you come across a sher like this ...

pehale isme ik adaa thi, naaz tha, andaaz tha,
rooTHana, ab to teri aadat me shaamil ho gayaa !
- Aaghaa Shaa'ir

Quite a different view, right ? It's a sher, whose poetic strength is in its being "unpoetic". It's quite nice to say "tum roothi raho, maiN manaata rahuN", but it's not very practical :-) That's what the sher says. Too much of anything is bad. Even 'roothana'. So beware ! :-)

Urdu Shayari has a "traditional" way of looking at many things. So, once in a while, a sher like this is a very enjoyable surprise.

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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