Sunday, February 1, 2009

ASAD - 89

Originally posted on in 1997

mangal bhavan, amangal haari ! dravahu so dasarath ajeer bihari !

Happy Raam-navami to everyone.

Traditionally, Urdu Poetry has borrowed more from the Persian and Arabic languages and Islam than the Sanskrit language and Hindu religion. This is quite understandable. Similarly, it shouldn't be surprising that in a society like India has, such barriers are not impregnable. I really like it when when any Art crosses such artificial boundaries.

After all - Hari anant, hari katha anantaa !

The ideals presented in Raamayan are universally appealing. One doesn't have to consider Raam as God to worship him as an Ideal ! Raam as a son or Lakshuman as a brother or Seeta as a wife, are all ideals, which the Indian (not just Hindu) family system is based on. As an aside, I do believe that Seeta as an ideal wife is totally different from the supposedly ideal wife shown in movies, who considers "mera pati mera devata" even when her husband is totally worthless. Anyway, I think I have made enough controversial statements, so let's see a sher now :-)

Seeta_ki aabru_ka hai tujh_ko agar khayaal,
Raam_ke bheNs me chhup Raavan_ko talaash kar !

I don't think this is a "trite" sher. The dangers to today's Seeta are not as clearly identifiable as they were in the days of Raamayan, when the world was mainly black and white, with not many shades of gray. The times have changed and the difference between Raam and Raavan is slowly vanishing. That can be one of the meanings. Raam and Raavan are two shades of the personality of every person. That can be another meaning.

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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