Monday, February 9, 2009

Gandhi Dynasty : Weird Conspiracy

This has been circulating as email - I received it from 2 sources. It is also presented on sites such as this site proclaiming to be a about Sikhism.

The claims and speculations in that article are preposterous. Ironically, almost all the zealously religious sites - regardless of the religion they represent - have a completely different idea about what "truth" is. This seems to be of no exception. Here are some randomly picked gems

  1. Sanjay Gandhi's real father was a Mohammed Yunus.
  2. Feroze Gandhi's father was also a Muslim.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi was against Indira marrying Feroze.
  4. Feroze Gandhi used to blackmail Nehru for money.
  5. Nehru had produced an illegal son - but no one knows where he is, even the son doesn't know the truth. (But the author of this claim knows that this has happened !)
Oh well.

I am no fan of the Gandhi dynasty. I have always maintained that Indira Gandhi was net-net a big negative for India. In particular the negatives like complete disregard for democracy and culture of corruption that started in her "regime" outweighs any positives by a wide margin. And that's without even considering the "Emergency Rule".

It's hard to find what is the worst speculation in that article. Not everything is false, mind you. But for most claims, there is no evidence or any proof offered. Just wild baseless speculations.

I do want to point out that Feroze Gandhi was quite respected in his time. As a member of parliament, he had the courage to speak against his father-in-law and expose corruption within the cabinet. He was so unlike the Gandhi dynasty that got it's name from him !

Internet is an interesting source of information !

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