I am just a photography enthusiast. It's not my main hobby. All I have a simple DSLR, Canon T3i with standard Canon lenses - 18-55, 75-300 and a fixed 50mm.

As a principle, I don't enhance my photos in any tool like Photoshop. The only enhancements I do are adjusting brightness/contrast and cropping.

I truely enjoy taking photos of Nature - flowers, animals, scenery etc. That's what I mainly have on this blog.

Here is a list of posts that have photographs. Click on the image to see related photos.

Photos from our trip to Kenya, specifically Masai Mara, in 2014 Summer.
Zebras and Wildebeests
Countless number of zebras and wildebeests all around, in all directions, as far as one can see.
Buffalo And Antelopes
From mighty buffaloes to pretty impalas.
Elephants and Monkeys
Both smart, and amazing creatures.
Giraffe, Hippo, Crocs etc
Wrap up post for all the other animals, except lions.
Birds from Lake Naivasha, and Masai Mara. Including ostrich and a prize shot of secretary bird.
Lions and Cheetah
A close but comfortable encounter with the king and queen of the savanna.
Kenya has some interesting cactii.
Rural Kenya
Some random shots as we traveled across the country.

Photos from the backyard.
Diary of African Lily
Diary of A Rose - Part 1
Photos of a ladybug hunting down an aphid.
Tall, tall roses
Unity in Diversity : Roses Edition
Diary Of A Multi-Color Rose

Bay Area
Photos from San Francisco Bay Area and nearby places.
Pleasanton Rose Show 2017
The 77th Annual Rose Show.
It has some interesting collection of junk art.
Napa Safari
Yes, there is a Safari in Napa.
Napa Safari : Birds
There are some exotic birds in Napa Safari.
Flowers from Mendocino
Pleasanton Fire House Art Center
Murals near Pleasanton Downtown

Photos from vacation travel and trips.
Alaska Animals
Mount McKinley

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