Saturday, January 10, 2009

ASAD - 2

Originally posted on in 1995

A few weeks ago, there was a small discussion on RMIM about the word "har-suu". As Rajan correctly explained, it means "everywhere". There is more to it. "suu" is an independent word meaning "direction" or "towards". There is a very touching Sher which can explain the meaning clearly.

chaar-suu = "chaaroN or" or "everywhere"

wo ho ke khushbu ki tarah, faila tha mere chaar-suu
maiN use, mehsus kar sakata tha, chhu sakata na tha

- Adeem

Sounds like Gulzar, doesn't it ?

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

1 comment:

  1. Meer ka ek sher hai, khoobsooratee dekhiye

    Dekh letaa hai wo pahle chaar soo achhee tarah
    fir wo mujhse poochhta hai Meer too achhee tarah?


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