Thursday, January 15, 2009

ASAD - 47

Originally posted on in 1995

Let me come back to the Lyrics Plagiarism topic again. You would hardly be surprised, if I tell you the following 'mukhada', written by the greatest Lyrics Tycoon Sameer, is taken from an old Sher.

raah me unse, mulaqaat ho gayi,
jis se Darate the, wohi baat ho gayi
(the song from Vijaypath *ing Vijay Devgan, Tabbu)

The Sher I have, goes like ...
raaste me unse, mulaaqaat ho gayi
ji Dar raha tha jis se, wohi baat ho gayi
- Unknown

It's better if we don't talk about the tune by Anu Malik and the singing by Kumar Sanu. :-) But unfortunately, I have not been able to find out the name of the Shayar. Prakash Pandit has not credited this Sher to anybody in his compilation. Hardly a good Sher, but what else can you expect from Sameer ? He could not pick even a good Sher for "chori". Really in a class of his own ! :-)

A song from the new movie Baazi, goes like

dhire dhire aap mere dil ke mehamaaN ho gaye
pehale jaaN, phir jaane-jaaN, phir jaane-jaanaaN ho gaye

According to my dictionary, both the words "jaane-jaaN" and "jaane-jaanaaN" mean the same thing - "beloved". So I am not sure about the fine difference between the two words. Somebody can perhaps explain. The original Sher has the same second line, but much better first line.

rafta-rafta = slowly [same as "dhire dhire"]

rafta-rafta wo meri hasti ka saamaaN ho gaye
pehale jaaN, phir jaane-jaaN, phir jaane-jaanaaN ho gaye
- Taslim Faazali

Isn't "hasti ka saamaaN" better than "dil ke mehamaaN" ?

I do not know the name of the lyricist in this case. What scares me though, is that there are only two lyricists for Baazi - and one is Majrooh, while other one's name I have forgotten. I hope that the lyricist for this song is not Majrooh !

Anyway, let me ask this question to RMIM again. Isn't lyrics plagiarism much worse than music plagiarism ?

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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