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ASAD - 59

Originally posted on in 1995

As promised yesterday, here is the complete version of the GHazal, "chupake chupake", by Maulana Fazal-Ul-Hasan Hasrat Mohani. The source is the book by K.C.Nanda - "Masterpieces of Urdu Ghazal : From 17th century to 20th century". It's a long post, but I promise, it's worth it ! There are 15 Shers !!!

But first some background ! Thanks to GHulam Ali, this GHazal is the most will-known GHazal to the general public. Who will forget the way he starts the GHazal - "Hmmm hmmm aaaa.. hmmm". Superb tune, ultimate "adaakaari". This GHazal made both GHulam Ali and GHazal itself, famous throughout the country. It was also taken into the movie Nikaah, and featured on TV shows.

But it's not a common knowledge that this GHazal is also a landmark GHazal in Urdu Shayari. As Dr.Arshad Jamaal says in Aaina-e-GHazal, that with this GHazal, "the mehboob (beloved) didn't remain just a mehboob, but also became an aashiq (lover)" ! Indeed, the portrayal of the beloved is different here from the traditional "sangdil/zaalim" etc. Here she (!) is also shown to have loved as much deeply, with as much emotions and has suffered as much sorrows as the Shayar.

Since this GHazal has a rare distinction of being famous with the elites and the masses equally, I made the controversial statement yesterday !

There are some difficult words, but it will pay to understand them. I have included the meaning from the same book.

Also, you must clear your mindset to accept great shers built up from quite normal situations. Those small small things, which a lover cannot forget. The greatness is in its simplicity. There are no philosophical discussions, no complicated similes. Pure "nazaakat" ! Very touching !!

chupake chupake raat din aaNsu bahaanaa yaad hai
hum ko, ab tak, aashiqui ka wo zamaanaa yaad hai |01|
[ The first line of the following Sher is quite difficult. It means, "with restlessness unbounded, eagerness unconfined" ]

iztaraab = restlessness
ishtiaaq = longing

baahazaaraa iztiraab -o- sad'hazaaraa ishtiaaq
wo tujhse pehale pehal, dil ka lagaanaa yaad hai |02|

bebaak = bold

tujhse milte hi wo kuchh, bebaak ho jaanaa mera
aur tera daaNtoN me wo, ungali dabaanaa yaad hai |03|

daf'atan = suddenly

kheNch lenaa wo mera, parde ka konaa daf'atan
aur dupatte se tera, wo muNh chhipaanaa yaad hai |04|

qasad-e-paabosi = effort to kiss her foot

jaan kar sota tujhe, wo qasad-e-paabosi mera
aur tera THukara ke sar, wo muskuraanaa yaad hai |05|

az raah-e-lihaaz = with due caution

tujhko jab tanha kabhi paanaa to az raah-e-lihaaz
haal-e-dil baatoN hi baatoN me jataanaa yaad hai |06|

jab siwa mere tumhara, koi diwaanaa na thaa
sach kaho, kya tumko bhi wo kaarkhaanaa yaad hai |07|

ghair ki nazroN se bach_kar, sab ki marzi ke khilaaf
wo tera chori chhipe, raatoN ko aanaa yaad hai |08|

wasl ki shab = milan ki raat
zikr-e-firaaq = mention of parting

aa gayaa gar, wasl ki shab me kahiN zikr-e-firaaq
wo tera ro ro ke, mujhko bhi rulaanaa yaad hai |09|

dopehar ki dhoop me, mere bulaane ke liye
wo tera koTHe pe nange paaoN aanaa yaad hai |10|

bargashtaa = turned against (here "rooTHa huaa")

dekhanaa mujhko jo bargashtaa, to sau sau naaz se
jab manaa lenaa to phir, khud rooTH jaanaa yaad hai |11|

chori chori hum se tum, aakar mile the, jis jagah
muddate guzariN, par ab tak wo THikaanaa yaad hai |12|

baawajud-e-idda-e-ittqa = despite my vow of piety
ahd-e-hawas = sensuous days

baawajud-e-idda-e-ittqa, 'Hasrat' mujhe,
aaj tak ahd-e-hawas ka yeh fasaanaa yaad hai |13|

There are two more Shers I remember hearing from GHulam Ali, but which are surprisingly not present in the book. They are also marvelous! I may have made some mistake, as I am presenting them from my memory.

beruKHi ke saath sunanaa, dard-e-dil ki daastaaN
aur tera, haathoN me wo, kangan ghumaanaa yaad hai |14|

waqt-e-ruKHsat = at the time of parting

waqt-e-ruKHsat alwidaa ka lafz kehane ke liye
wo tere sukhe laboN ka, thartharaanaa yaad hai |15|

I hope, it was worth the longest post of this series !

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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