Thursday, January 22, 2009

ASAD - 62

Originally posted on in 1997

Shakeel Badayuni

My many favourites are of no importance to RMIM. I am not complaining. I have got used to it now. One such great person is Shakeel Badayuni. A great poet who was equally good at GHazals and general Nazm. Fortunately Begum Akhtar did not share RMIM's opinion and sang many GHazals by him. One of her best, is a GHazal by him. (Tomorrow).

But what did Shakeel think about himself ? Consider the following Sher.

tarjumaaN = translator
raazdaaN = friend (one who knows your "raaz"/secrets)
faKr = pride

maiN, 'Shakeel', dil ka huN tarjumaaN,
ki muhabbatoN ka huN raazdaaN,
mujhe fakr hai, meri shayaari,
meri zindagi_se juda nahiN
- Shakeel Badayuni

It's indeed great, if one's poetry is true to his life. If you want to know what is "ishqiaana shaayari" then Shakeel's poetry in movies can serve as a case study ! In his songs you will find all the features of classical Ishqiaana Urdu Shayari - the similes, the styles, the ways of expression, the phrases and everything. In short, Shakeel is mainly a poet of love (an important subject in Urdu Shayari). In this context, you can appreciate the sher more.

Shakeel was born on 3rd August 1916 in Badayun and died on 20th April 1970 in Bombay. BTW, Shakeel means "handsome", which I think he was.

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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