Thursday, January 22, 2009

ASAD - 74

Originally posted on in 1997

Some people have everything in life. One such person lived during the period of GHalib. He was from a rich and aristocratic family, quite handsome, fair, tall, sparkling eyes, well-dressed. He was a good chess player, knowledgeable about Music and a scholar of Persian Language. What else ? Yes, he was well trained in Yunani Medicine and as well as Aayurved. Impressive ? :-) Of course, but what's this got to do here ? Because he was a Shayar too ! He wrote in his spare time, Shayari was not his main profession. But what level he achieved !! He was one of the most famous poets in his time and today we consider him to be the second best of his era, only after GHalib ! Amazing !!

If you still haven't figured out his name, then let me tell you that we have been discussing his Shers in last 2 articles ! Here is the third one from him, in his vintage style ...

pehar = I think it's derived from Sanskrut "prahar" (1 prahar = 3 hours)

roya karenge aap bhi, peharo isi tarah,
aTaka kahiN jo aap_ka dil bhi, meri tarah
- Momin

Simple, delicate and very touching ! After Meer nobody else reaches this level of Nazaakat in GHazal. No one.

Hakim Muhammad Momin KHaaN 'Momin' was born in 1797. He never accepted any employment offer from any King or even by the British. His answer - "Gustakhi maaf, ham kisi ki naukari nahiN karate" ! Unfortunately at the age of 55 he fell down from the terrace and died after 3-4 months on 12th May, 1852. After his death MiyaaN Nazir KhaaN, (a famous Veena player of that time) packed his Veena, saying "ab Delhi me koi rasiyaa nahiN bachaa".

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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