Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ASAD - 84

Originally posted on rec.music.indian.misc in 1997

I am sure most of you are going to like today's sher ! Not because it's simple (after a difficult one by GHalib) :-) but it describes a very common situation. Even if you have not been in that situation, it's easy to imagine, what it would be to be in that situation :-) :-)

It doesn't matter which part of India you are from. "mehendi" is a very important thing for the ladies. Everywhere. Especially in marriages.

But have you ever come across a husband, who says ...

heena = mehendi

ye bhi nayaa sitam hai ! heena to lagaaye ghair,
aur daad uski chaahe wo, mujh_ko dikhaa_ke haath !!!
- Nizaam Raampuri

Ghair_se mehendi laga'o, aur uparse chaahati ho ke maiN tarif karuN ? Never. :-)

Such a marvel ! A wonderful gem. Top class poetry. The mock jealousy, that childish complaint is so well captured here !

This is from a very famous Ghazal written by MiyaaN Nizaamshah, who lived in Raampur (UP) from 1819 to 1869. (Also sung by Pankaj Udhas).

Can you figure out that Rafi-Asha(?) duet which has a bit similar feelings in the lines of the 'mukhada' ? Let me give you 3 'keywords' from the first line. -- "banjaaraa", "chuDiyaaN", "mauj". Easy ? :-) Not in the class of this sher, certainly, but similar.

- Abhay.
ASAD _also_ stands for "A Sher A Day" !

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