Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ASAD - 29

Originally posted on in 1995

Shayari has its fans in all the sections of the society :-) Have you ever read Shers written on trucks, auto-rikshaws and paan-shops ? :-) They are so atrocious that they start sounding funny! There is no thought, no emotions, no nazaakat etc. In short they contain absolutely nothing. Except perhaps stupid rhyming.

But still, such Shers are constructed and used. In a Vividhbharati program for anti- pollution propaganda (sponsored by Govt. of India), following Shers are presented.

In a mehfil, one person says ...

sonaa diyaa sonaar ko, paayal banaa diyaa
dil diyaa dildaar ko, GHaayal banaa diyaa

Everyone exclaims ... "wah wah ! wah wah !" As if this is not enough, another one
hurries to say "ab meri baari, ab meri baari" and then

pyaar ka phool, prem ki maalaa
buri oil waale, teraa engine kaalaa

Matalab bura oil istemaal karoge to ....


Ab kyaa kareN ? Every week, I hear the same thing, and still every time I hear it, I cannot help but laugh. :-)

- Abhay.

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